Me Part 1

Shannon Cara

22 years old

full time worker

^ that’s a bit about me. Keep reading for more…

I grew up in Kingston Upon Thames with my huge family in a two bedroom flat. Mum and dad worked hard and next thing we knew we moved into a house in Epsom. For me family life was always really good. My parents weren’t really your average parents who push you to the limit with your studies and dictate what you should do in life instead it was ‘do what makes you happy’

As soon as I received my A Level results I tried university but then everything got a bit much and I gave up. I wouldn’t say I am a quitter for that but I just wasn’t really interested at the time and my heart wasn’t in it. Although I had the best time ever at university as you can imagine 90% of my time was about socialising and then 10% was all about my uni work *cough cough*.

I met my boyfriend Jon at university which we both still find really weird because we worked together and never really spoke to each other. Both of our uni life’s weren’t great and we weren’t really enjoying it anymore, we both decided around the same time that we would leave university. There was something really romantic about both of us leaving something we didn’t enjoy behind and supporting each other with our decision. However I would like to take this time to say that our decisions to leave university were our own individual decisions. 10981617_791452170946942_2431924756264187181_n4




After meeting Jon I went full time at my work place and then moved into a new job role which gave me better job security.

I also began my relationship with two of my great friends. There was five of us but its all a bit complicated in girl world so I will not let you into that side of life. My first great friend is someone who is very honest about everything and if I am honest in that time of my life that’s what I needed. She never used to like to hug or show any affection or emotion to anyone but we soon broke that out of her. My second great friend is someone with the biggest heart going, very protective and also really small! But I’d still challenge you to mess with her.



Boyfriend – Check

Good Friends – Check

Good Job -Check

When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life you have a thousands reasons to smile.






My Mind

Update on my insomnia…

So as per my last blog I tried counting goats and it seemed to work because I woke up this morning feeling like I had actually slept last night.




My Mind

So I am laying here wondering if I will ever get to sleep. 
An hour later I am still awake…the dreaded insomnia is back. The last time I had this really bad was when I was at university and had a lot of stress to deal with. There would be times when I was awake all night until 6am and I would end up either doing the whole day on no sleep or I would miss my lectures. I was awake for 48 hours straight once, no alcohol or drugs just purely awake because I couldn’t sleep.At the moment all I can hear is the sound of my boyfriends breathing and my brain working over time. 

So as anyone with a smart phone does nowadays I googled – how do I get to sleep when I have insomnia. These are some of the internets fine suggestions- 

  • Create a restful sleeping environment. Make sure lighting and noise is kept to a minimum- so I am scared of the dark so turning the lights off isn’t an option for me…next! 
  • Make sure your bed is comfortable– I have done all I physically and financially can do to have a comfortable bed, however it’s most comfortable when I can starfish. Which isn’t applicable either. 
  • Try to relax before bed – I have had possibly the most relaxing evening with my feet up and the sims on my laptop. 

So throwing all of that advice in the bin and going to attempt to close my eyes and count goats. I will let you know how that goes tomorrow. 

Ta ta 



Very new to blogging but I guess it’s just all about honesty and advice that you can give to people…so that’s what I am here to do share my experiences with those who may need them. 


When I  think of my dad you think…cars, loud, annoying, bubbly, over-reactive to everything and sensitive.

Wow… for someone who keeps their head up all the time and a smile on their face the way I felt today was shit. Today is my dads birthday. He would have been 50 today can you believe it. I’ve allowed myself to move on from everything, well at least I thought I did.

Sunday 16th October 2016 opened up a can of emotions I didn’t even realise were still there. I don’t think it makes me weak if I share my story, I think it makes me prepared for loads of different things that could happen to me. Plus as most people do nowadays they use social media as an emotional outlet for how they are feeling, by memes or status’ obviously there is some stuff that you shouldn’t air on social media.

Where did it all begin?

2007 – My dads behaviour changed and it became weird. There was a point when there were loads of ‘Church People’ in my house saying that my dad was possessed by the devil and that we need to all pray for him because he is going to hell. The pastor was throwing Olive Oil in every corner of the house because it will get rid of the demons that were taking over my dad. Even at the age of 10/11 I thought these people were crazy!

I had to go and stay with my nan that week as my dads behaviour got worse and worse, it came to the point that we were going to have to get him sectioned as he was becoming a risk to himself and the people around him.

One day I was pulled out of school and told that I need to go to hospital with my family as soon as because my dad had been taken in.

‘Your dad has a brain tumor’ – at my age I didn’t understand what that was, so me being me I googled it.

A brain tumor is an abnormal growth of tissue in the brain or central spine that can disrupt proper brain function. Doctors refer to a tumor based on where the tumor cells originated, and whether they are cancerous (malignant) or not (benign).

After speaking to the doctors and having them dumb it all down. So as any child does at that age all you can think about is death and what happens next. My dad didn’t seem scared at this point, but I just think he was trying to stay calm for everyone else’s sake plus 9/10 he didn’t have a clue what was going on.

So sparing you the details my dad went under major brain surgery to have it removed. After the surgery and my dad’s recovery everything seemed so normal again and we all thought that would be the end of it and there would be no more brain tumor…

This is just part 1 of the story and I will post part 2 another time.