So this is a post on behalf of a follower who asked for my opinion on this matter about respect for girls and how sometimes they can be belittled by the men in there life. So here goes.

  1.  They belittle you and say things like “you’re cute when your mad”.



    You know what I mean: the guy who smiles in a condescending way when you get angry, and tells you how adorable it is. Or the guy who dismisses your opinion on FOOTBALL or video games because you couldn’t possibly understand as a female fan.

  2. They talk over you…..Image result for talking over someone

OMG I know some of you reading this know what its like! So they will either talk over you, drown you out with the TV or just push your face out of the way and continue talking.

3. Anything they explain to you they try and dumb it down because they think you won’t understand.

Image result for just stop

There’s actually even a phrase for it ‘mansplaining’…if you don’t know what it means look it up.

4.They automatically assume you need help lifting something heavy

Image result for women at work

They assume you can’t do hard labour, or that you can’t lift something or that you need help killing a bug or fixing an appliance, because you’re a girl, and how could you POSSIBLY know how to do that stuff?

5. They call you crazy when you display any type of emotion

Image result for boy bye

If you get angry about something the first question will be “Are you on your period”…NO you have just done something stupid to piss me off so stfu. If your hurt or anything else they will mutter under there breathe about how you are crazy.

6.They can’t handle when your success is better than theirs

Image result for princess meme

Just be happy for us honestly, there is nothing shitter when men think that they need to play the general stereotype of what couples should or shouldn’t be. Let your woman be successful!

So yeah… MEN support your WOMEN.

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