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So at the moment I am following the twitter account of a kid who goes by the name of @seventybroad7. He talks about how he has so many issues he has had to run away from. So he ended up going to live in a derelict building apparently. His character portrays him as someone with a lot of mental health issues.

Anyway long story short he has been allowed to constantly post about how he ‘killed’ someone (his family) apparently. It’s really been infuriating me how twitter have not taken this down or reported it to the police yet. There are two possibilities that could be the reason why these tweets are happening and why this kid is so fucked up =

  1. He genuinely has mental health issues and is using twitter and YouTube as an outlet to attempt to get help. However no major crimes have hit the news and this kid as far as I am aware hasn’t been reported as missing. If he does have mental health issues then why hasn’t this been flagged by youtube or by twitter to support him.
  2. This is some sick kind of stunt to which his whole family are helping with and were all happy to help with the making of the videos and the tweets…thats truely fucked up. Also if its to raise awareness for people with mental health issues he has done a really rubbish job and should have got some help from FRANK or something.

Once I have found the answer I will let you know.

Peace x

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