My friends… when you are younger it was all about how many friends you had and if you didn’t have any you were a looser. I would always try to be in the most popular friendship groups throughout primary and high school. However when I got into high school it really bit me on the bum. This is for the pure fact that girls grow boobs, falsify themselves with their fake lashes every day and there fake nails and then there skirts grew shorter. When this happens usually girls have two paths they can take, one which takes you to a bad life and one that takes you to a good life. Yeah.. we all make bad decisions but I have watched those who chose to live the bad life struggle.

Anyway, when I left sixth form I realised that there would only be a few people who I would want around me constantly as they gave me positive energy. Those people I can count on two hands..yeah you meet other people but trust is a massive thing in a relationship that if you don’t have trust for someone then can that relationship ever be whole.

My friends have done so much for me, they’ve held me when I have cried, they have mentally supported me with any problems I have had, they have pushed the haters away when they were hating on me. I just honestly can’t thank them enough, there are a few memories that I will hold forever with them however there is only one I will take with me to the grave.

One of my friends was there for me throughout everything when my dad died and I will never forget that, you were there for me when I cried about it, when he died, at the funeral and after.. for that I owe you a place in my heart. You know who you are.

The moral of the story is always make sure you are surrounding yourself with positive people and positive energy because the people you call friends may not actually

My quote that I will leave you with is –

‘friends should be like books hand selected but few’.

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