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For girls in there twenties⭐️

Most women start taking care of their own finances at this age. Learning how to manage a budget for rent, food shopping, utilities, while also setting aside a little “fun money” and a little savings can be difficult. I would say it’s probably been the hardest thing in the world to do this. However it is doable you just need to be able to physically see the money you are wasting. There are loads of money saving app’s on the App Store. 

Think about those lovely pair of shoes that you saw on the way back from work the other day which you couldn’t buy because you had to pay your rent. By budgeting you allow yourself in time to be able to treat yourself. 



There’s nothing that can prepare you for the emptiness you feel every anniversary of death that happens… like nothing. However you can still use this time to remember the postitives and some times negative memories you have of someone. It puts it into reality for you. 

I am pretty much numb to feeling nowadays, more so when it comes to death. I feel cruel at the fact I hardly cry on any of the days I’m meant to mourn, instead I have random outbursts during the year. 

Not crying is ok.. 1. You do not smudge your makeup and 2. You don’t look like a donut. 

So anyway, on 3rd November I went to see my dad at his piece of stone that marks his memory. Trying to piece together in my mind whether I needed to say something or whether just to sort the stone and grass out then go again. 

I remember what my dad said to me a bit before he died ‘gurl I want loads of flowers at my funeral’. My dad wasn’t easy, if you looked at him you’d think he wasn’t into delicate things like flowers. But anyway I have the man what he wanted. 

You know I almost disagree with having to go to a grave all the time to make sure it’s tidy… it’s just not right. I would not want my kids coming to see me and having to maintain my grave. I’d want them our living there lives and not committing to me once I’m dead and gone. 

Anyway dad.. great to see you not sure how long I’ll leave until I see you next 

My mind

So the world is clearly in some complete mess at the moment. I have now decided I shall not comment anymore as my opinions just get me in trouble. So no I will not be blogging about the election because that would be really stupid of me to do. However sit tight for my next blog on last weeks events and a request that has been emailed to me. 


Today is a difficult day for me. 

I lost my dad.. but I will always remember him. 

The positive people I surround myself with help me and my mind to cope with loss. 

Whoever tells you it gets easier.. right now it doesn’t seem like it does. 

My mind – it allows me to either think negatively about the day. Or think positively about the day. 

Today I choose positivity. 

Rest in Peace Dad. 


So this is a post on behalf of a follower who asked for my opinion on this matter about respect for girls and how sometimes they can be belittled by the men in there life. So here goes.

  1.  They belittle you and say things like “you’re cute when your mad”.



    You know what I mean: the guy who smiles in a condescending way when you get angry, and tells you how adorable it is. Or the guy who dismisses your opinion on FOOTBALL or video games because you couldn’t possibly understand as a female fan.

  2. They talk over you…..Image result for talking over someone

OMG I know some of you reading this know what its like! So they will either talk over you, drown you out with the TV or just push your face out of the way and continue talking.

3. Anything they explain to you they try and dumb it down because they think you won’t understand.

Image result for just stop

There’s actually even a phrase for it ‘mansplaining’…if you don’t know what it means look it up.

4.They automatically assume you need help lifting something heavy

Image result for women at work

They assume you can’t do hard labour, or that you can’t lift something or that you need help killing a bug or fixing an appliance, because you’re a girl, and how could you POSSIBLY know how to do that stuff?

5. They call you crazy when you display any type of emotion

Image result for boy bye

If you get angry about something the first question will be “Are you on your period”…NO you have just done something stupid to piss me off so stfu. If your hurt or anything else they will mutter under there breathe about how you are crazy.

6.They can’t handle when your success is better than theirs

Image result for princess meme

Just be happy for us honestly, there is nothing shitter when men think that they need to play the general stereotype of what couples should or shouldn’t be. Let your woman be successful!

So yeah… MEN support your WOMEN.

twitter -_-

So at the moment I am following the twitter account of a kid who goes by the name of @seventybroad7. He talks about how he has so many issues he has had to run away from. So he ended up going to live in a derelict building apparently. His character portrays him as someone with a lot of mental health issues.

Anyway long story short he has been allowed to constantly post about how he ‘killed’ someone (his family) apparently. It’s really been infuriating me how twitter have not taken this down or reported it to the police yet. There are two possibilities that could be the reason why these tweets are happening and why this kid is so fucked up =

  1. He genuinely has mental health issues and is using twitter and YouTube as an outlet to attempt to get help. However no major crimes have hit the news and this kid as far as I am aware hasn’t been reported as missing. If he does have mental health issues then why hasn’t this been flagged by youtube or by twitter to support him.
  2. This is some sick kind of stunt to which his whole family are helping with and were all happy to help with the making of the videos and the tweets…thats truely fucked up. Also if its to raise awareness for people with mental health issues he has done a really rubbish job and should have got some help from FRANK or something.

Once I have found the answer I will let you know.

Peace x


My friends… when you are younger it was all about how many friends you had and if you didn’t have any you were a looser. I would always try to be in the most popular friendship groups throughout primary and high school. However when I got into high school it really bit me on the bum. This is for the pure fact that girls grow boobs, falsify themselves with their fake lashes every day and there fake nails and then there skirts grew shorter. When this happens usually girls have two paths they can take, one which takes you to a bad life and one that takes you to a good life. Yeah.. we all make bad decisions but I have watched those who chose to live the bad life struggle.

Anyway, when I left sixth form I realised that there would only be a few people who I would want around me constantly as they gave me positive energy. Those people I can count on two hands..yeah you meet other people but trust is a massive thing in a relationship that if you don’t have trust for someone then can that relationship ever be whole.

My friends have done so much for me, they’ve held me when I have cried, they have mentally supported me with any problems I have had, they have pushed the haters away when they were hating on me. I just honestly can’t thank them enough, there are a few memories that I will hold forever with them however there is only one I will take with me to the grave.

One of my friends was there for me throughout everything when my dad died and I will never forget that, you were there for me when I cried about it, when he died, at the funeral and after.. for that I owe you a place in my heart. You know who you are.

The moral of the story is always make sure you are surrounding yourself with positive people and positive energy because the people you call friends may not actually be.best-friends-breakfast-men-s-t-shirt

My quote that I will leave you with is –

‘friends should be like books hand selected but few’.

Me Part 1

Shannon Cara

22 years old

full time worker

^ that’s a bit about me. Keep reading for more…

I grew up in Kingston Upon Thames with my huge family in a two bedroom flat. Mum and dad worked hard and next thing we knew we moved into a house in Epsom. For me family life was always really good. My parents weren’t really your average parents who push you to the limit with your studies and dictate what you should do in life instead it was ‘do what makes you happy’

As soon as I received my A Level results I tried university but then everything got a bit much and I gave up. I wouldn’t say I am a quitter for that but I just wasn’t really interested at the time and my heart wasn’t in it. Although I had the best time ever at university as you can imagine 90% of my time was about socialising and then 10% was all about my uni work *cough cough*.

I met my boyfriend Jon at university which we both still find really weird because we worked together and never really spoke to each other. Both of our uni life’s weren’t great and we weren’t really enjoying it anymore, we both decided around the same time that we would leave university. There was something really romantic about both of us leaving something we didn’t enjoy behind and supporting each other with our decision. However I would like to take this time to say that our decisions to leave university were our own individual decisions. 10981617_791452170946942_2431924756264187181_n4




After meeting Jon I went full time at my work place and then moved into a new job role which gave me better job security.

I also began my relationship with two of my great friends. There was five of us but its all a bit complicated in girl world so I will not let you into that side of life. My first great friend is someone who is very honest about everything and if I am honest in that time of my life that’s what I needed. She never used to like to hug or show any affection or emotion to anyone but we soon broke that out of her. My second great friend is someone with the biggest heart going, very protective and also really small! But I’d still challenge you to mess with her.



Boyfriend – Check

Good Friends – Check

Good Job -Check

When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life you have a thousands reasons to smile.






My Mind

Update on my insomnia…

So as per my last blog I tried counting goats and it seemed to work because I woke up this morning feeling like I had actually slept last night.




My Mind

So I am laying here wondering if I will ever get to sleep. 
An hour later I am still awake…the dreaded insomnia is back. The last time I had this really bad was when I was at university and had a lot of stress to deal with. There would be times when I was awake all night until 6am and I would end up either doing the whole day on no sleep or I would miss my lectures. I was awake for 48 hours straight once, no alcohol or drugs just purely awake because I couldn’t sleep.At the moment all I can hear is the sound of my boyfriends breathing and my brain working over time. 

So as anyone with a smart phone does nowadays I googled – how do I get to sleep when I have insomnia. These are some of the internets fine suggestions- 

  • Create a restful sleeping environment. Make sure lighting and noise is kept to a minimum- so I am scared of the dark so turning the lights off isn’t an option for me…next! 
  • Make sure your bed is comfortable– I have done all I physically and financially can do to have a comfortable bed, however it’s most comfortable when I can starfish. Which isn’t applicable either. 
  • Try to relax before bed – I have had possibly the most relaxing evening with my feet up and the sims on my laptop. 

So throwing all of that advice in the bin and going to attempt to close my eyes and count goats. I will let you know how that goes tomorrow. 

Ta ta